The Rest of the Crew's Blogs

Eli: Audio Producer--- This project has been an amazing experience, collaborating with seven other people to pull together one awesome final product. Taking on the role of Audio Producer was me trying something very new. I've been involved in editing and shooting for for a few years now, so i wanted to see what this new medium was about. It was an amazing experience working with my Co-Audio Producer and I learned a lot about producing a radio show.
Alyssa: Audio Producer--- I have learned so much so quickly by working on this project. Every technical problem that could occur, user access for the server, dropped frames on pieces that were imported through a hard drive not a tape deck, and malfunctioning microphones, has happened and I'm quickly figuring out how to work around all of them, with the help of my group members and all the wonderful engineers at the School of Communication. This project has been bonding experience. I've also gotten the opportunity to meet some amazing people on Catalayst who I intend on keeping in contact and working with outside of school and my major. I could not be more happy with my experience this semester in CEM 345."
Matt: Web Producer--- I have had a lot of fun working on this project. When we first started, I was a little skeptical after our first visit, but once i witnessed the birthday celebration the following week, I knew that this could be a great project. I was very impressed with the teamwork and sacrifices made by everyone on the team. There were many Saturday nights we went to Catalyst instead of going out. It has been a long semester and many of us have put in hours of work. I am very excited to see the final project and how all of our hard work has paid off.
Tania: Web Producer--- Considering that it is difficult working on group projects, this has been my favorite one in the university. I was able to come together with my classmates and be part of a project that required a lot of time commitment and dedication. In one video shoot, we had to re shoot an entire interview again because of technical problems. I think that because we were all looking forward to making the end product as close to perfection as possible that it did not matter having to overcome obstacles. My classmates and I were greatly involved in every aspect of this production and have learned a lot more about the field of broadcasting and post-production. 
Dylan: Video Producer--- Hi! This is Dylan Brooks. I’m a video producer for this project. My tasks include shooting video b-roll and interviews, editing and helping build the story for the full-length video piece. I’ve learned a lot about Catalyst, the people that go there and a culture I had no idea about, so my experience was the same as yours, only I observed it from behind the camera helped put the pieces into a presentable story. I learned a good deal about shooting in places with challenging lighting conditions and shooting video at night. I also learned a lot about working in a group with my awesome co-producers Andrew, Matt and Molly, along with the rest of the team.
Andrew: Video Producer---Honestly when this concept got started I wasn’t sure how this would turn out. It definitely turned out to be quite the experience though. It was just fascinating to find out about this place, and all the people I met during this project were awesome. To find a place that has such a great mission and community was especially amazing to see. No question this is something that will stick with me for some time, and I’ll never forget about this project for so many reasons. I also just want to make a quick point to say that It was so much fun to work with everyone else on this project and it was so exciting to see this project from its conception and work towards getting it to its final state.
Mike: Video Producer--- It's funny to think back on our first visit to Catalyst. We walked into the First Presbyterian Church of Miami Springs, roaming the hallways, having no idea where we were going. It was a foreign place. Three months later, shooting for the project had been completed and each person involved in this project has been affected personally and has learned something from the people of Catalyst. As we walked out of Catalyst for the last time, the club's founder Joel Stigale, said to us, "You all are welcome to come back whenever you want. You're all family now." The foreign place that we walked into three months before now feels like home.
Molly: Video Producer--- I was definitely overwhelmed in the beginning and almost sorta skeptical about the idea for this project. All that changed the first time we went to Catalyst as a group. I love everything about Catalyst from the people to the idea Joel represents. The people there are so inspiring and unique and have made me open to so many new ideas. I really enjoyed the opportunity to interview different people who have catalyst as a part of their life. Its amazing how it effects everyone in a different way, including the viewer. Though it has been the longest group project I've ever had the chance to work on, the experience has brought me closer with my fellow classmates and to the truth behind the hip-hop culture.