DJ Magic

Mr. Magic, the first DJ to ever lay rap on the radio held a contest in which DJ Magic himself as a young teenager entered and won. Even though his friends made fun of him for winning the contest but not being able to obtain the prize because of his age, they began to call him magic.  Born and raised in New York, he had to deal with a fierce gang life and troublesome upbringings. After a few setback and hardships he decided to follow God. And as his passion for hip hop grew, so did his passion for God. It was then that he met Joel, and they found the church which would then be known as Catalyst and it became their new home. Magic says, “The missing element in hip hop is God.” He feels that today’s hip hop serves as a negative expression to the society that we live in. The messages in the music are negative and degrading to people, particularly to women.  By establishing moral grounds upon Christianity, hip hop could then be positive. With the support of the Catalyst community, DJ Magic works his turntables and promotes the music he wants to share to spread the word of Christian faith.