From small town Kingsburg, New Jersey, Craig has a sense of humor and positive outlook on life deeply embroidered in the foundation of an influence that changed his life: Hip-Hop music.  Life’s obstacles unfortunately began for him when his father passed away when he was only 9 years old. He grew up during the era of the 1990s when he believes the best hip-hop came about with Jay Z, Biggie Smalls, and Wu Tang. “This was the prime time of hip-hop”, Craig says. The three major influences of music came about the entire nation anywhere from the south, east and west coast. It was then that he began to write his own lyrics. At first his writing began as a joke but it then progressed along with his interest for hip hop music as an art of expression with him rapping at battles competing with other lyricists.  He had to stop having these battles because the crowd and other lyricists became intense and aggressive. After some time, he came into contact with Joel and it was then that he acknowledged that hip hop existed in the religion of Christianity. Although Craig has studied and followed up on all the main scriptures of the main world religions in the world, he associates himself with Christianity. If you want a possible explanation about situations in your life, ask Craig for an interesting insight of the proverbs in the Bible which he would gladly recite to you (without reading off the book). Even though Catalyst is based on Christian followers, it is also a common ground for all religions to come together and enjoy hip hop music, the emcees, and break dancing, and this in itself is a gift to Craig because of the opportunity of expression in a community like Catalyst.